Sunday, April 3, 2016

Cleaning up the wheels.

I got the compressor hooked up and got it going. It is much quieter than the old single stage that we had. And airs up in a fraction of the time. I was missing a air filter on the compressor and the replacement was hard to get and a little expensive. So I came up with a temporary fix.  My kids got to come out and help too. They both enjoyed using the needle scalier to help me clean the wheel rims. A few friends of mine think I should paint my new compressor and spice it up a little, so I have been entertaining the thought of  using some of the hod rod paint I have and seeing what we come up with. Well we are still looking for pinion bearings and have been entertaining the  thought about turning the pinion housing to fit a larger bearing, just like what I have to do to the front wheels. The pinion sits in it's own carrier so it should not be a extreme thing to fix,

just time and money.

New compressor.

 So the new blasting cabinet and running the sandblaster was taxing my old compressor. I had been looking for a larger compressor to handle my sandblaster. I found a new compressor through the company I work for they have a used equipment department and they came up with a large compressor for sale. So with a little debate I ended up with a new compressor. It didn't even look used, but it was missing a intake filter. So here soon it I will hook it up and see how it works. It is a little bigger than I was wanting but I am not going to complain. It's big enough that I have to put in bigger wiring and a 50 amp beaker. With the new compressor I will start blasting the drive shaft and carrier.  I got a call from the shop I took my differential to and they had taken it all apart and were looking for pinon bearings, as soon as they find bearings I will be on my way to a running drive train.  I got the frame polished and it looks good. I still have a few spots to go back over. All of the prep work for the frame really paid off. So far I have used a little over a half a gallon of epoxy and a whole gallon of International red, so before I start painting again I need to get more paint.