Monday, March 20, 2017

Geared up!

So one of my biggest worries is over. The distributor is driven off of the back of the generator. So there is a small gear in the generator that turns the distributor. With out this gear the distributor will not turn, so the truck cant run. That is a lot of relying on one little gear. My original New Mexico truck had 62,xxx miles on the odometer that was not hooked up for????  So this little gear is a bit worn out. The Texas truck had 26,000 on the odometer that was still connected. And the gear in the back of it was a bit better but still worn. I look for automotive parts all day, that is my job. So I all so have access to some fairly old parts books. And I came up with a complete listing on my generator. Periodically I search for part numbers that I might need down the road. And I punched in the gear again and got a hit! So I was jumping for joy everyone around me looking at me like I have lost my marbles. I retrieved my book made sure the numbers were correct and they were. American Vintage Parts on Ebay had posted the old delco remy part number. I didn't hesitate and got one. I once had contacted a company that would recreate the gear but the cost was more than I wanted to take on. No more wondering if the gear will hold up.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

older pictures

 These are a few of the older pictures I came across of the well drill before it came down. And a few of the truck before we loaded it. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Northwestern Auto Supply Tie Rods

 So this has been a great week finding parts! So I have been looking for tie rod ends for almost a year I have ordered a set or two that has been wrong. I have called parts company's that never called me back. I have given dimensions to several  company's and still nothing. So I was told by someone to check a company called Northwestern Auto Supply, and bingo someone willing to help and take the time to make sure the dimensions were correct!  I was more than pleased with the guys at Northwestern and they were more than helpful, they were happy to listen to me and talk about my project. Most of all they had the correct tie rod ends! So again I will talk about and pass on info of any company that helps me find parts, provides me with good service. If they don't supply me with good service I will not even mention them.  So new tie rods in hand and a new place to look for parts and send people. So this part finding fool also got the rear wheel felt from Ebay where a company is recreating them. And I bought an NOS starter switch. I love hunting for parts!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

NOS rear end parts

Okay restoring this truck is a full time job! Searching for parts to me is fun (It is also my day time job.)  So I search for parts all the time. Well the rear hub seals and nuts were worn out ton the old truck I was going to try and clean them up and reuse the old ones but that changed. I was researching old part numbers when I found a couple in an company in Wisconsin called McFarlanes. I called them with my part numbers and low and behold they had them! So I came up with the rear felt hub nuts and seals, felt seals for the drive shaft carrier bearing and springs for the carrier retainer. All NOS. I was really excited to find the springs. my originals were old and lost all spring. I also found a company on Ebay that is cutting new felt axle seals so the rear end is going to be all new except gears and axles. I am stoked thanks to McFarlanes (800) 627-8569.  I can't believe the luck I have had finding NOS parts and salvage parts. Now I need to get moving!