Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Back to Hood's! I should know better by now to not go else where! I took my water pump to a local shop with my "One and only water pump rebuild kit" that I spent six months searching for, and they about ruined the whole pump. They installed a bushing in it then got the pump shaft stuck and then pound it out with a hammer. They destroyed a bearing stop and seal collar on the shaft too. Lucky me the collar on the old shaft was still good and I was able to replace it. Then I took it to Hood's and Dave and Mark looked at it and are fixing it. They even made me a new backing plate.

Dave repaired the crack in the head and I took it back to the O'Reilly machine shop to have the head rebuilt new valve seats, valves, springs and valve guides the works! I got all new head studs threw ARP in. I also took the rods to be cleaned and new bushings to be installed.

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