Monday, September 14, 2015


Out with the old in with the older. My father and me moved the Texas frame out of the shop and on to the trailer to take to the sand blaster. Okay why take the Texas frame to the sand blaster? Well after a whole lot of debating, milling over and a sleepless night or two. The original frame for Granddaddy's truck had the last two feet cut off to fit the well drill on, and because of the cutting of the frame it weakened it enough to crack the supports and the frame in places. The second problem is the cab lists the chassis as 160 inches but Granddaddy's is the shorter 136 inch chassis. The Texas frame will put it back to the original 160 inch chassis, witch will make the build plate match the truck. I was really worried about the cost of fixing it correctly, and making it structurally sound as opposed to using the alternate frame. I put Granddaddy's truck in to the garage to take off every thing I need to fix the Texas frame, brackets for the finders, and other brake parts. So now I have to order new rivets for the brackets I have taken off, and make a rivet hammer to put them back on. I have found most of the bearings for the rear end so hopefully it will not take me too long to put it back together. I am going to send the rear end and front axle to be sand blasted too. I would have sandblasted these on my own, but my father offered to help, and did not want the mess in the yard.  We have a local blaster that is well experienced and is priced well. I hope to get this all done in time to get it painted while it is still warm.

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