Sunday, September 18, 2016

 So I got the extra transmission apart and the gears look good. The top shift shafts were locked up but I have a spare top from the Texas truck. But that is not why I wanted this transmission the real reasons are it has the reverse lockout lever and rod I needed and a transmission brake. So first thing I cleaned up the transmission housing a bit, then I took it apart. It took me a while with a torch and a little elbow grease to get things apart. I got the the lever off and the rod and cleaned it up and installed it on the transmission I rebuilt. So now my next thing is to get to transmission brake off and rebuilt, then get it mounted on my transmission. So some times it is the little things that I get excited over. The Detroit transmission has a good grease hose for the throwout bearing!I got to watching ebay again I found and bought a spare water pump kit! so excited about that too!  I never thought I would see another.

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