Sunday, November 27, 2016

Picture of the well drill.

My wife's aunt found a picture of the truck before I pulled it from it's resting place. She was looking for something else when this picture jumped out at her. We are looking for more if there are any. This picture looks like is was just before they started drilling the well. You can see the guide wires coming off the sides and the top of the drill, and it shows the massive size of the drill. The head bit is leaning up on the back of the drill. To put a little perspective on this the wheels on the truck are 20in rims with 32in outside diameter tires, the tires on the drill were about the same. So I am guessing that just the drill head is close to 7ft long. The drill head that was laying there when I got the truck was too heavy to pickup with a good sized tractor. I hope we can find more pictures. I would love to have a better picture of the truck.

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  1. Pictures are amazing!
    I'm following your progress..
    Keep up the good work....