Friday, June 21, 2019

some done and more to come.

So I am still working on this. Time and family have got the best of me the past couple of years. I have had almost every thing to finish the chassis for a while. I got some time to put some of the chassis together. I will take a few thing back apart for painting like the front axle and brake cables. I went ahead and replaced the bolts for all the brakes and most every thing else. I have all the old bolts bagged and separated just in case I want to take the time and put it 100% original. So on with the show! New king pins installed and shimmed. I got the new tie rod ends on all the brake cables and linkage hooked up. Went to local parts store and picked up front wheel seals ( Yes they still make and use them.). Now I need to get the rear end primed and start painting ( this time I mean it.) If I can I will prime the split rims while I am at it. Then hopefully order some tires!

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