Friday, September 4, 2020

Original engine color?

 The original engine color on my truck has been debated by many. There are lots that say they were painted gray and a teal color. I am not going to dispute that gray or teal were not original colors too. But from both of my engines the little paint left on them was red. And not just in places that might have been repainted. Behind the fly wheel, push rod cover and fuel pump, under the valve cover and on the rockers. I did change the timing cover and the water pump color from gray to red (just for ease of painting and esthetics) . All of the tin covers were black on both trucks too. This is why I painted my engine red. Again this is not saying red was the only color these engine's were painted, just what mine were painted.

                                                                   Texas engine block (top and bottom)
                                                     original engine block and tin (below)

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