Monday, June 2, 2014

Hard Work!

June 2nd my father and I arrived on Granddaddy's ranch in Lucy, NM we were told ahead of time that the one thing that we had to do to get the truck was to take care of the well drill. The drill was too rotted to move and too heavy! So all of you history buffs for what came next sorry! It came down! One of the hardest and hottest working days in my life was about to take place!. I had contacted my wife's Great uncle to help us with the drill. He came down with a tractor and helped us finish the job at hand. For that we were extremely grateful! We could not have done it with out his help and I know he was happy to have the drill out of the way. My father and me got up early on the 3rd and wondered how to get this truck out from under this massive piece of  machinery. There was a old 1926 Buick engine on the front of the drill and under that was a plate with a very large pin in it a couple bolts and a block of wood. This was a daunting task so after a bit of looking I reluctantly crawled under the truck and hit the large pin with a hammer. And it moved! three more hits and it was out! minutes later I had a ten and twenty ton jack under each side jacked the drill up and off of the truck. We thought to our selves it could not be that easy! Next we hooked up to the truck and pulled it out from under its resting spot for 50 years to my amazement all six wheels rolled! We pulled the truck out of the way and started to dismantle the drill( that was a challenge!). The next morning we loaded the truck and were headed home!

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