Thursday, January 22, 2015

I dropped off my clutch pressure plate, disk, and fly wheel today at a local rebuild shop. The guy working there looked at it and said "whoo! what did that come out of?" So I told him and then he said " I have never seen one of those ever!" That gave me a load of hope! coming from the counter I am guessing mid 50's and I am pretty sure he has worked there for close to 30+ years. But the guy in back said he could hopefully fix it. Crossing my fingers! I also picked up my red engine paint. I primed the small engine tin and other pieces the other day and put a extra coat or two on the block. Before I started painting last week I was finishing up some clean up work with a knotted wire bush on my angle grinder and slipped. Ooops a little less skin on my thumb. So I put on gloves, two min later I catch the glove with the wire wheel grinder jumps out of my hand and on to my arm. I proceed to throw the grinder across the drive away from me then go in side to patch my arm up! I came back finished the bit of cleaning with my bench grinder wire wheel. So now I will have a nice couple scars on my arm to remember to ware my protective gear! At least I had on my safety glasses. I will post the scars later.

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