Wednesday, January 7, 2015

So head time! There is enough carbon on the head to make a large diamond. I brought over the head, generator/distributor, other misc. pieces over for cleaning what a time to work on something till 2 am. but I get a lot more done. I have slowly worked my way down the engine parts and this is one of the last things to do before I put the engine back together. I am going to go ahead and replace all of the valves and springs while I have the head off. "Better in the long run to do it right." I have been told that more times than I can count when I started this truck. I got in contact with a guy today that is going to help me out with some of the engine work. He has several International trucks and is nice enough to help. I used to hear stories of people back in the 60's say that they all new a guy down the street the rebuilt cars or did motor work, now days that is almost a thing of the past. I feel lucky too have met someone like this in this day and time. Most of the kids that learned from the guy down the street took the knowledge and turned it in to a business, and forgot how they learned or got a hand up from the guy down the street. This truck has brought many new people and experiences in my life I cant count them all, and I am forever grateful for every thing. So I hope I can become that guy down the street. The knowledge I have been learning is priceless and so hard to come by. I am trying to write down the information but I know parts will be lost.

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