Friday, April 10, 2015

Fixing a pot metal carburetor.

The carb top is fixed. I talked with a older gentleman that told me a way to fix the warped top on the carb. He told me it is a slow and tedious process and a lot of patience. I was a bit reluctant to try this one but I did it. First I had Hoods machine shop make me a piece of flat plate steel to put it on. They had to cut a hole in the bottom to let the carb top sit flat. Then I had to measure the gaps with a set of feeler gauges. Then here comes the hard and stressful part slowly using C-clamps clamp out .003 thousands of a inch then put the carb top in the oven at 275 F place it in a cold oven and let the whole thing warm up slowly. I gauged out each part of the carb and clamped out each part separately. I started out with .016 on the right side then clamped it down to .013 if you clamp out to much it will snap and brake the pot metal. So once it heated up to 275 F I let it set in the oven for ten minutes then pulled the whole thing out and let it cool slowly. When it got cool enough to touch I clamped out another .003 thousands of a inch. then put it back in the oven turned it back on to 275 F and did it all over again and again till it was flat. It took several clamps in several places and a lot of patience and a whole day to complete. but it looks like it worked. I couldn't get the .0015 thousands of a inch feeler gauge under any point. I let it cool over night before I removed the clamps and plate.

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