Sunday, May 17, 2015

I had taken the block to the machine shop and three weeks later they called my telling me that there was something wrong with my caps on the block. So I went to look at the block they had three of the main caps turned backwards. Luck have it we saw the problem bad thing they didn't want to finish the block. So off to find a new machine shop to so after some looking and talking to others. I was referred to Eagle machine in Buffalo Mo. I called them up and they actually new what engine I had and was excited to work on it. They asked me to bring the crank and the bearing to do it all by spec. I took it in on Friday and they called me Wednesday to tell me it was done! I went to pick it up and every looked awesome. The engine is ready finally! I have every thing in order to put the engine back together. Now if I can get a nice low humidity day to primer the head, water pump and hogs head. Now I need to get it done so I can start on the frame. I gave my self a goal at the beginning of this project to complete the engine by one year June 1st 2015. I am coming down to the wire! I want to have the chassis done at the two year mark. Then start on the body work that I haven't set a finish date yet.

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