Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I have been doing some finishing touches to the motor. I had my sister in law come over and help me with the safety wire on the bolts. This is where I thank my wonderful sister in law. First for her service in the U.S. Army. Second being a helicopter mechanic. Third having safety wire experience. Fourth for teaching me this tedious task. Well after we finished the safety wire lesson I got busy and put on the intake and exhaust and the carburetor. I found a small problem with my crank pulley but will be a easy fix. The next problem I ran in to was my oil pump. Not as much a problem with the pump but the tube feeding the pump. I removed the copper tube that feeds the pump while I was dismantling the engine in October. I didn't think much of it I figured that a little tubing and a new fitting or two and it would be easy! I thought wrong!! I spent the last month going threw books at work, asking shops, any thing from automotive comp., hydraulic shops and brake shops looking for the fitting. The tubing was easy half inch copper tube. I went to a pluming store to get that. There I should have stayed. I looked and looked and finally someone from work reminded me back in the thirty's all they had was pluming supply's. And the light bulb finally clicked on. So off to a pluming store I went to several and couldn't find what I needed, feeling like my I am on the right track bubble was about to burst I went to one last place. I went to Edge Supply in Springfield Mo. They laughed a little(I would have too) then proceeded to tell me that they have the local steam engine clubs come in all the time looking for odd ball parts. With in five minutes they had me all my brass fittings and they even had a ninety degree fitting so I don't have to bend my tubing! So now I am ready to put the oil pan on for the last time thanks to Edge!

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