Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I started work on the chassis this week. I got the front wheel off so I can find bearings for the wheels. Once I got the wheel off, I was surprised to find the bearings were original and probably had never been changed.The brakes are worn down to almost nothing! So no new original bearings to be found. The bearings are a strange size and it looks like I will have to modify the hub a little to get bearings that fit. I hate modifying the hub but all I am doing is taking off .075 of a inch and then I can get wheel bearings easy and much cheaper. So back to Hoods I go. Maybe I should see if they need some part time help?. So the next thing to do is to strip both chassis and sort all of the parts. Then get the chassis sandblasted, primed and painted!Now if it would quit raining! 

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