Sunday, August 23, 2015

Chassis coming along

I finished cleaning off the frame, and started cutting off broken brackets and hangers. I pulled Granddaddy's truck under the covered side of the garage to start cleaning off the frame on it. I pulled off the front bumper brackets/leaf spring hanger and came up with one good one and one half good one. I the half good one is all there but has a broken tabs for the front bumper. So I took them to Hoods machine in Bolivar Mo. to see if they could weld it back together for me. I talked to Hoods and we are going to try to come up some 3/8s rivets to replace the old ones. I have several holes that were drilled in the old frame to weld up before sand blasting. I have one step hanger I have to swap from one truck to the other, then I can start putting the frame together. I started taking apart the rear diff and found out the rear bearings are easy to get. So soon I will have the transmission and the rear end all rebuilt and ready to go much quicker than thought. (hopefully) I had to get a new socket for the rear end its only a 3 1/4in  nut. While taking the wheels off I got a small surprise, a hand full of dead scorpions.

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