Sunday, August 16, 2015

deconstructing truck #2

I got a wild hire and worked all night the other night. I completely emptied the frame of my other truck. I pulled the cowling off first then just kept going. By one in the morning I had the engine, clutch housing and the transmission pulled. Then I started on the rear duels. I pulled the outer wheels off and removed the axles. Then I lifted the whole frame up and slid the rear housing out from under the frame.  It is a good thing this is only a parts truck. When I pulled the axles out metal shavings came out with them and the bearing retainer nuts have been welded in place. I have to get a socket to take off the 3 1/4 inch bearing retainer nut. But it looks like the rear end under the parts truck is only going to be good for dead weight. The transmission was not any better, the case on this one was cracked.  But the more I dig into granddaddy's the more I think it was completely rebuilt just before it was stuck by the well drill. I ordered the bearings for the transmission last week, which all but one was on the shelf at the local parts store. So now my good transmission is sitting in a bath of degreaser. then it is going to have a good cleaning and new paint.

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