Monday, December 14, 2015

chassis almost there!

It warmed up enough to finish sanding the body filler and get a few coats of polyester primer on top of the frame. You can really see the how ruff it was before I started.  Now I will do a little finish sanding and if the weather holds up I will paint the chassis red. I plan to get the rear end over to my house and clean it up for paint. I was going to have it sand blasted but with all the rain and cold weather it will be hard to keep it from rusting before I can get paint on it. I might wait till spring to finish the rear end. But I get impatient and want to keep things moving. So in the next few weeks I will decide what to do. So soon I will have to start sorting all my chassis and brake parts to get prepped to paint. I also found a set of 1933 license plates at a flea market in Illinois called the pink elephant.

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