Tuesday, July 19, 2016

So my Son and I went back to http://www.aths.org/ American Truck Historical Society. While he was looking at all the toy trucks they had to offer I got to looking for any thing I could find for my 1933 B3. I found quite a bit. Buy quite a bit I mean four sales flyers. For my truck that is a lot. I intend to go back and get full sized copy's of the flyers for display when the truck is done. The one thing I was super thrilled to find was a sales book on the reason you should buy a International B3 1 1/2 ton truck. This book lead in to details of the truck and why they built it the way they did. I also found several pictures in there catalog's that show me similar trucks and what they looked like. I will use these pictures for later reference for the cab top and a side mirror. I love the ATHS if there was not a place like this a lot of info would be long gone and people like me would have very little to go on to get a truck like this back to original. So if you like American trucks join ATHS show support to a great palace! So I also started mocking up a few things this week just to make sure I have every thing I need to put the chassis and dive line back together. I am still waiting on the rear end to get done the shop I took it to took it on as a special project since I was not in a hurry for it. So I might go back and tell them I am starting to need the third member in a week or two.The kids came out and helped me with the new rubber on the motor mounts and I got the front mount all done and in stainless.

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