Saturday, March 4, 2017

NOS rear end parts

Okay restoring this truck is a full time job! Searching for parts to me is fun (It is also my day time job.)  So I search for parts all the time. Well the rear hub seals and nuts were worn out ton the old truck I was going to try and clean them up and reuse the old ones but that changed. I was researching old part numbers when I found a couple in an company in Wisconsin called McFarlanes. I called them with my part numbers and low and behold they had them! So I came up with the rear felt hub nuts and seals, felt seals for the drive shaft carrier bearing and springs for the carrier retainer. All NOS. I was really excited to find the springs. my originals were old and lost all spring. I also found a company on Ebay that is cutting new felt axle seals so the rear end is going to be all new except gears and axles. I am stoked thanks to McFarlanes (800) 627-8569.  I can't believe the luck I have had finding NOS parts and salvage parts. Now I need to get moving!

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