Monday, March 20, 2017

Geared up!

So one of my biggest worries is over. The distributor is driven off of the back of the generator. So there is a small gear in the generator that turns the distributor. With out this gear the distributor will not turn, so the truck cant run. That is a lot of relying on one little gear. My original New Mexico truck had 62,xxx miles on the odometer that was not hooked up for????  So this little gear is a bit worn out. The Texas truck had 26,000 on the odometer that was still connected. And the gear in the back of it was a bit better but still worn. I look for automotive parts all day, that is my job. So I all so have access to some fairly old parts books. And I came up with a complete listing on my generator. Periodically I search for part numbers that I might need down the road. And I punched in the gear again and got a hit! So I was jumping for joy everyone around me looking at me like I have lost my marbles. I retrieved my book made sure the numbers were correct and they were. American Vintage Parts on Ebay had posted the old delco remy part number. I didn't hesitate and got one. I once had contacted a company that would recreate the gear but the cost was more than I wanted to take on. No more wondering if the gear will hold up.

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