Thursday, June 1, 2017

NOS fender!

ATHS I can't say enough is such a great organization. They put on one heck of a truck show. I believe the final count was 1297 total trucks 25years and older at the show! I had a great time I didn't get to meet or talk to very many people. I fell down on my part and didn't keep people in the loop where I was at. But all turned out wonderful. I got to see lots of great International's a few speed six and a lot of K and KB's and a few D models. And one C model in the mid 30's. So the most spectacular thing was the swap meet. There were only three vendors selling there on Saturday morning.  I walked around and didn't see much at first. I found John Geidl  that had some IH parts laying there. As I picked up a IH box he asked me if I was looking for IH fenders. I said "no" ( thinking I would never find a new finder for a design only made for four years in the height of the depression. ) So john came around the table and pointed out a 1935 right side C model fender and another fender behind me. Okay the 1935 peaked my interest. As I turn around I see another fender laying there. As we talk about the 35 fender and I describe that the cut out on the back part was for the battery box. While I am looking over the fender behind it. It looks close to my 33. As I keep looking at it I kept trying to come up with reasons that it couldn't be my finder. I walked away trying to look at all of the pictures I had on my phone and compare bolt hole to bolt hole. After 10 minutes I decided to take the chance on the fender. I picked up my fender had one last word with John saying that if it was the correct fender I would E-mail him. I got more questions and looks hauling that fender threw the show! Lots of people stopped me asking if I identified what the fender was off of. And several people saying they almost bought the fenders. Of coarse once I get back to the car I spot the numbers under the fender. I don't know how I didn't see it earlier. My guess is not believing I had found a NOS 1933 fender for my truck. So after I loaded the fender in my wife's car that we took to Iowa. I checked the part number and then after smacking myself and a couple of pinches to make sure I wasn't dreaming. So I have found a NOS replacement fender! I am still in shock. So a special thanks goes out to John Geidl Door latch repair, LLC  He still had the 1935 IH NOS fender last I saw as of  5/27/17. WOW what a week! The only phrase I can use to describe finding the fender is "It's a miracle!" Goes back to my thought that Granddaddy is helping me out some how. Now with renewed vigor I shall get back to work on the truck! More photos of the ATHS truck show to come!

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