Sunday, September 10, 2017

weld, grind, repeat.

I know how dangerous split rims can be, so I have talked to at least a dozen people experienced with split rims. This is how I am fixing the little pin holes and low spots. The good thing is the rims are not as bad as I thought. The lock rings and the rim seats are in great condition the only thing rusted were the center flat on the rim. So I have been fill welding the low spots grinding them off smooth then finishing them with a flap disc. While I was welding them my little Lincoln 135 mig gave up. So it's time to shop for a New welder, time for a up grade.  Soon I will sand blast them again to prep for paint. I am getting closer to buying tires. Now if I can find time to get this done. My father had found a set of 1933 Missouri plates a while back so I started straitening them up. I had to use a dowel rod and make a couple tools. As soon as I can get a hold of a welder I will finish the plates welding up a couple nail holes.

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