Saturday, September 15, 2018

too busy!

I have been too busy with family lately to get much on the truck done. Basically I took a year off.  I have been doing a few little things. Mostly looking for extra parts for the truck. Anything I can find that I might need later like a extra water pump rebuild kit or a distributor drive gear. Extra hard to find pieces that might come in handy one day. Like a new ring and pinion and extra bonus 5.28 gear ratio much better than 6.12 that is on it now. I cleaned up a extra set of side plates I had. I found my rear hub bearings at the local auto parts store. I wanted to keep as many parts nos or original replacements as possible. So I had looked up and down for the old IH numbers and found nothing, so I finally ordered the National brand locally and low and behold they all are bower which is the company that made them for International so close enough in my book for original replacements.Now with these in hand I am back to work. I have been making gaskets this week and getting the rear end put back together. I have waited a long time to start putting thing back on. So in the flowing weeks I will be getting brake shoes relined and the new king pin set installed. Feels good to start working on it again.

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