Thursday, October 31, 2019

Red, I saw RED!

So the first time I painted the frame it was supposed to be basic single stage paint. Just paint and polish "well nope". The paint turned out to be base coat. Not enamel like I asked for so it never hardened properly. It buffed clean threw in spots. Luckily I didn't have to start over completely. I just scuffed the whole frame with scotch-brite pads reapplied the red base coat and then applied a clear coat. I was a little upset with not getting the right paint in the first place. But should have paid a little more attention and I also had clear coat laying around and was not afraid to use it. So it turned out great in the end. But the effort was tremendous (famous last words " I'm never going to do that again")   I have to let the the clear cure for a week or so before I can get the motor, transmission, drive line and rear end back in it. Lots to do. More painting to come.

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