Thursday, October 31, 2019

More Epoxy!

Epoxy more painting! Yeahhh! Epoxy I'm so excited. I got the rims finally worked out and in primer they need a little touch up to make them look a little better ( just cosmetic filler for a ding or two in the flat of the rim) I also got the rear end in final primer, hubs and hub bolts, locks. Next red paint and clear. Date code on the rear end makes it absolute 1933.


  1. Kevin where did you get your primer & finish?

  2. Mixture of things. Nason Ful-Epoxy primer, Evercoat Feather fill for spray on filler. Dupont custom mix off chevy victory red. I used the chevy color then added a little more black tint to get the color that matched as close as I could. Then clear coat I got a deal on because its European ( not sold in U.S.) MS vario clear 8000.