Saturday, November 1, 2014

I decided to Google electrostatic engine cleaning and came up with lots of ideas. So I figured that I could do it my self so for a little less than forty dollars I was able to clean the rust from the engine my self. It was real easy(This is not for everyone I felt I was fully capable to do this on my own!). Use a 55 gallon plastic barrel fill with water and house hold washing soda, place waste electrodes in line of sight of rust you want to remove, hook up a negative clamp from battery charger to engine, positive to waste electrodes. Keeping electrodes from touching the block was the hard part! I used a piece of rubber drilled holes for my waste electrodes and ran them threw the block, I attached the other ends with wooden blocks to keep them from making contact with the block. Applied electricity and watched it go!( Please remember this is electricity and it can kill if not handled properly!.) If it is working properly the negative piece will bubble and the removal of rust will begin. The other down side to this is it has to be outside the bubbles coming from the water are Hydrogen and Oxygen which is flammable!. So I safely completed the cleaning. The engine sat in it's bath for 48 hours or more. And you can see from the pictures below just how much rust came off!.

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