Saturday, November 1, 2014

I got the crank back from the machine shop and my new bearings in the mail the day before. This week I will clean the block for painting. And I will start working on the small parts of the motor, water pump intake ect... Now the big debate goes on how to paint the engine (original colors of course.) but do I put it all together and paint it as a whole like it would have come out, or do I clean it up and make it neat. I am leaning toward neat. I have also researched what colors the the factory offered for the truck and parts so I have some choices on the body colors that were available in that year. Lots to do and est. two and a half years left to do them in. Lately I have met some more people that can help me in this journey how small this world is I met a man that lives less than 500 yards from me that has several 1930's International trucks and has offered some advice. And hinted that he may have some parts for the truck!

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