Thursday, December 18, 2014

wishing I had a blast cabinet!

I have been cleaning all of the engine parts by hand lately. I have spent a lot of time behind a 3m pad and wire wheel. And I have used more degreaser than I would like to admit. It is amazing how hard seventy year dried dirt can be. I spent at least two hours with my dremel tool cleaning tight places, and I am still not done. I am two seconds away from going to go buy a blast cabinet! I have a sand blaster might as well use it. The only problem is if I ruin a part I am done for, not much out there for this truck left. So for now slow and tedious. I found a few pin holes in the bottom of the oil pan nothing to hard to fix 30 seconds with the mig welder and good as new. Every thing is cleaning up nice so paint should be coming when it the temp warms up. Water pump up date I might have found a impeller and a place to rebuild the bushings in the pump. I am waiting on a email for the impeller with a photo and dimensions on a old part with a similar number. I cleaned up the purolator oil filter except the old graphic. I found a picture on the internet of the label hopefully I can have a new one made.

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