Friday, April 7, 2017

Sorting out bolts and wheels

I have been sorting more bolts for the wheels. I wanted to find new bolts for the wheels but nobody I found could come up with full shank grade eight bolt for a decent price. So went out and took every wheel bolt off of the Texas truck. I came up with just enough to get by. Some of the old bolts were too rusted to save a couple broke taking them off. The next issue I have is the Texas truck had two good rear rims but they are wider then the rims I have for the rest of the truck. So know I have another set of rims at my grandfathers to look at if they are the same as the ones off the Texas truck I will probable use them, they are all off Internationals just a few years apart. Why the search for rims I have a few holes in the originals and some integrity issues.  I really wanted to keep the original rims, but time, money, effort and safety are big influences. Especially safety I don't want a rim and wheel to come apart. I will probably look to restoring the original wheels at a later time. So for now I will look to use the wider rims on the rear duels and the original rims on the front.  I wanted to get the rims sandblasted last year but I never got the chance. So hopefully here soon I can get that done.

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