Sunday, May 15, 2016


 Okay I have been searching for bearings for at least six months or more and finally I am done! I can not take all of the credit. First Tom Underwood (Parts of The Past) is the best I can not say enough about him, he has provided me with more than I could ever Imagined. He had all front wheel bearings I don't know why I didn't try him first. We had hoped he still had a set of pinion bearings too but was all out. So my machine shop (Hoods machine in Bolivar  Mo) came up with a plan to find bearings that got us close to the same size then to ether shim or bore out to fit the bearings I was having trouble finding. Well I searched till I was calling bearing manufactures directly trying to find any thing. After a few calls I found my outer pinion bearing was still made by Temkin so one down one to go. Well the inner bearing was really hard the closest I could come was over a quarter inch less than the original. So I look up parts all day long at my job and one of the company's that I have run into a lot is   Okay I thought couldn't hurt I will give them a try. It made me feel not so bad when it took them a week to hunt them down, but Eugene Carney took the time to look and he found them! I couldn't believe it we had a few conversations and shared some dimensions and a few ideas and boom three days later they are in my hand. So big thanks to Eugene Carney and to Tom Underwood I wouldn't be going any where with out them! So know I am off to have the pinion set.

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