Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Moving along.

 Okay I sent my cables off a week and a half ago and last night the new cables were delivered. (happy dance!) So this is turning out to be a busy couple of weeks. I got my brake cables, took my bearings to the shop my differential is at, primed a few parts, found some matching hood latches on Ebay, And I started smoothing the parts I primed getting them ready to paint! The drive train shop I took the rear end to will have it done soon. So now I have four wheel bearings to get, they are on shelf   so no big deal. I will be a busy boy in the next few months. I have brake parts to sort. And  I really need to get moving on the wheels! I was really happy to find the hood latches they were so far the only hard to find part to the body that I needed. I only had one original to go off of for the hood latch so these are almost a exact match, they come off a WWII Willys jeep, works for me.

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