Tuesday, July 4, 2017

still moving along.

So what else better to do with my kids besides put them to work, and they fought who got to clean the wheel first. They did a good job. they had fun removing grease before sandblasting. I have been a bit busy so I took the rims and wheels to Owens sandblasting in Lebanon, Mo they did a great job on the frame, and they did the same for my rims. So now on to a little more clean up on the rims AKA welding up holes and thin spots. Then on to primer and filler, then more sanding.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

back to work.

I got back to work on the truck this week. I definitely have a renewed vigor. The ATHS show made me definitely want to bring it to Kentucky in June next year. I started buy putting the carrier bearing back together. Worked out a couple side plates I had bought some a while back they were good just not the quality I was going for. So with nothing left to loose I reworked the set off the Texas truck just for fun, they turned out so good I think I will use them. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

 I got to go to the ATHS truck show in Des Moines, Iowa and it was great. I only wish there were more older trucks. There were several rare trucks. I was in a hurry trying to get threw it all so I just snapped along the way, so I didn't get all the info on the trucks. I am mad at my self for not meeting up with some of the people that came to the show, especially the ones that traveled over seas. But that was my own fault.  So here is the verity that was at the show.

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I like the sign on the windshield.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

NOS fender!

ATHS I can't say enough is such a great organization. They put on one heck of a truck show. I believe the final count was 1297 total trucks 25years and older at the show! I had a great time I didn't get to meet or talk to very many people. I fell down on my part and didn't keep people in the loop where I was at. But all turned out wonderful. I got to see lots of great International's a few speed six and a lot of K and KB's and a few D models. And one C model in the mid 30's. So the most spectacular thing was the swap meet. There were only three vendors selling there on Saturday morning.  I walked around and didn't see much at first. I found John Geidl  that had some IH parts laying there. As I picked up a IH box he asked me if I was looking for IH fenders. I said "no" ( thinking I would never find a new finder for a design only made for four years in the height of the depression. ) So john came around the table and pointed out a 1935 right side C model fender and another fender behind me. Okay the 1935 peaked my interest. As I turn around I see another fender laying there. As we talk about the 35 fender and I describe that the cut out on the back part was for the battery box. While I am looking over the fender behind it. It looks close to my 33. As I keep looking at it I kept trying to come up with reasons that it couldn't be my finder. I walked away trying to look at all of the pictures I had on my phone and compare bolt hole to bolt hole. After 10 minutes I decided to take the chance on the fender. I picked up my fender had one last word with John saying that if it was the correct fender I would E-mail him. I got more questions and looks hauling that fender threw the show! Lots of people stopped me asking if I identified what the fender was off of. And several people saying they almost bought the fenders. Of coarse once I get back to the car I spot the numbers under the fender. I don't know how I didn't see it earlier. My guess is not believing I had found a NOS 1933 fender for my truck. So after I loaded the fender in my wife's car that we took to Iowa. I checked the part number and then after smacking myself and a couple of pinches to make sure I wasn't dreaming. So I have found a NOS replacement fender! I am still in shock. So a special thanks goes out to John Geidl cjapham@yahoo.com Door latch repair, LLC  He still had the 1935 IH NOS fender last I saw as of  5/27/17. WOW what a week! The only phrase I can use to describe finding the fender is "It's a miracle!" Goes back to my thought that Granddaddy is helping me out some how. Now with renewed vigor I shall get back to work on the truck! More photos of the ATHS truck show to come!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

 I finally fixed my mig welder it just needed some tune up parts, new wire sheath, tip, fill co2 bottle. After that I got some advice on fixing the holes in the rims, and some of the really rusted spots. With a little practice I got the hang of it. Welding around the out side and working my way in. I burnt through in a couple of thin places. I cleaned them up after welding them. So far I think it looks pretty good. I looked at all of my rims and decided only three needed fixing. Time to get a move on. And for my goal of taking the truck to Iowa for the ATHS meet is not going to happen. I will still go just not with my truck. I hope to see some good Internationals there. And to meet some good contacts.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Sorting out bolts and wheels

I have been sorting more bolts for the wheels. I wanted to find new bolts for the wheels but nobody I found could come up with full shank grade eight bolt for a decent price. So went out and took every wheel bolt off of the Texas truck. I came up with just enough to get by. Some of the old bolts were too rusted to save a couple broke taking them off. The next issue I have is the Texas truck had two good rear rims but they are wider then the rims I have for the rest of the truck. So know I have another set of rims at my grandfathers to look at if they are the same as the ones off the Texas truck I will probable use them, they are all off Internationals just a few years apart. Why the search for rims I have a few holes in the originals and some integrity issues.  I really wanted to keep the original rims, but time, money, effort and safety are big influences. Especially safety I don't want a rim and wheel to come apart. I will probably look to restoring the original wheels at a later time. So for now I will look to use the wider rims on the rear duels and the original rims on the front.  I wanted to get the rims sandblasted last year but I never got the chance. So hopefully here soon I can get that done.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Geared up!

So one of my biggest worries is over. The distributor is driven off of the back of the generator. So there is a small gear in the generator that turns the distributor. With out this gear the distributor will not turn, so the truck cant run. That is a lot of relying on one little gear. My original New Mexico truck had 62,xxx miles on the odometer that was not hooked up for????  So this little gear is a bit worn out. The Texas truck had 26,000 on the odometer that was still connected. And the gear in the back of it was a bit better but still worn. I look for automotive parts all day, that is my job. So I all so have access to some fairly old parts books. And I came up with a complete listing on my generator. Periodically I search for part numbers that I might need down the road. And I punched in the gear again and got a hit! So I was jumping for joy everyone around me looking at me like I have lost my marbles. I retrieved my book made sure the numbers were correct and they were. American Vintage Parts on Ebay had posted the old delco remy part number. I didn't hesitate and got one. I once had contacted a company that would recreate the gear but the cost was more than I wanted to take on. No more wondering if the gear will hold up.