Wednesday, September 4, 2019

New rubber.

The rubber guides for the brake rods needed to be replaced. Again a unobtainable part anymore so I am making a new one. One of my friends used to work for a industrial company and was able to get my a piece of a conveyor belt. What he got me was supper close to the old rubber, same thickness and a similar style. My neighbor was nice enough for me to use there scroll saw table to cut it out. Then I just used my belt sander to finish the edges. I had my machine shop punch 5/8 hole in the center then I finished it out with a drimel tool with a small barrel sander. They turned out perfect.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

I just sanded and boy! are my arms tired!

Brake dust is nasty! So when I had my brake shoes relined I didn't know they needed to be sized to drum. After a little research and some on line questioning ( thanks  Trevor D.) I learned about brake shoe grinders. Now these wonderful Ammco 2000 brake shoe grinders a hard to find and are illegal for company's to use in the U.S. because of brake dust. Unless I can find a individual with a shoe grinder hand sanding is where I am at. A hand sanding I go. I do recommend a Tyvec suit or at least long sleeve shirt, rubber gloves that cover wrists and leather gloves on top of that, and a respirator.
I had the respirator on and one set of rubber gloves. The brake dust covered my arms and got in to the gloves I had on so now I am itching like crazy. At least it's not asbestos (I checked!). It takes about 3 hours per set to sand to fit. I put some painters tape in the drum to help the sand paper to stick. I used a 3m 36 grit board sanding paper. I would sand the shoe for about 20-30 passes then flip it for another 20-30 passes. Then I would swap shoes and repeat. It took several times of sand and fit, to get it just right. But after I got it done it was a perfect fit.

Friday, June 21, 2019

some done and more to come.

So I am still working on this. Time and family have got the best of me the past couple of years. I have had almost every thing to finish the chassis for a while. I got some time to put some of the chassis together. I will take a few thing back apart for painting like the front axle and brake cables. I went ahead and replaced the bolts for all the brakes and most every thing else. I have all the old bolts bagged and separated just in case I want to take the time and put it 100% original. So on with the show! New king pins installed and shimmed. I got the new tie rod ends on all the brake cables and linkage hooked up. Went to local parts store and picked up front wheel seals ( Yes they still make and use them.). Now I need to get the rear end primed and start painting ( this time I mean it.) If I can I will prime the split rims while I am at it. Then hopefully order some tires!

Friday, December 14, 2018


I was looking for some thing else at my local small town convenience/hardware/plumbing/grocery/gas station store. ( I live in a town of 600 people ). They have about everything for a quick fix. So I look on a dusty old shelf and see some rivets laying there, my curious mind say's "ohhh rivets!" as I am going threw the boxes I find wide faced finder rivets. These are seemingly hard to find. I purchased all they had. They are so close the head size is a little smaller but passable. So fender rivets have been found.

Monday, November 12, 2018

brake shoes

I took my brake shoes to a local company to have them relined. They quoted me a price that matched several other people I have talked to on having them relined. So when they get done pending no other problems I should be able to put the rear and front completely back together.  I have all of the brake springs, pins, and adjusters separated and ready to go back on. I took the front knuckles over to Hoods machine to install the new king pins. I got lucky with Hoods again Dave had the correct reamer for my odd ball king pins. I some how I forgot to take pictures while I took the king pins apart. I didn't think that was a big deal. Well ten minutes into trying to put the king pins in I realized I was missing something. So after another twenty minute search for my bag of all the king pin parts for the Texas truck and found a set of spacing washers. Then I realized some how I had two sets of spacing washers in the bag. So I am back on track spacing washers and shims are perfect fit. I got the front end mocked up and is ready to take back apart and be cleaned and painted. While fitting the breaks I noticed the drums have a slight lip on them so I plan to take them down to the machine shop and have them turned for good measure.

Monday, October 1, 2018


Evapo-rust nuts and bolts. and sorting.

Sorting and cleaning nuts and bolts is the most tedious and unsatisfying thing I have ever done. The only highlight to it all was using Evap-o-rust for the first time. I will say I was thrilled by the results. It cleaned the wheel bolts and locks really well. I have done a lot of ebay hunting lately and found a couple great pieces, an original headlight switch and a wrench that would have come in the IH tool kit.  I got the finders and side steps all sorted and ready to start body work. I fixed my broken finder braces. Now for more sand blasting and more paint!