Monday, October 1, 2018


Evapo-rust nuts and bolts. and sorting.

Sorting and cleaning nuts and bolts is the most tedious and unsatisfying thing I have ever done. The only highlight to it all was using Evap-o-rust for the first time. I will say I was thrilled by the results. It cleaned the wheel bolts and locks really well. I have done a lot of ebay hunting lately and found a couple great pieces, an original headlight switch and a wrench that would have come in the IH tool kit.  I got the finders and side steps all sorted and ready to start body work. I fixed my broken finder braces. Now for more sand blasting and more paint! 

Saturday, September 15, 2018

too busy!

I have been too busy with family lately to get much on the truck done. Basically I took a year off.  I have been doing a few little things. Mostly looking for extra parts for the truck. Anything I can find that I might need later like a extra water pump rebuild kit or a distributor drive gear. Extra hard to find pieces that might come in handy one day. Like a new ring and pinion and extra bonus 5.28 gear ratio much better than 6.12 that is on it now. I cleaned up a extra set of side plates I had. I found my rear hub bearings at the local auto parts store. I wanted to keep as many parts nos or original replacements as possible. So I had looked up and down for the old IH numbers and found nothing, so I finally ordered the National brand locally and low and behold they all are bower which is the company that made them for International so close enough in my book for original replacements.Now with these in hand I am back to work. I have been making gaskets this week and getting the rear end put back together. I have waited a long time to start putting thing back on. So in the flowing weeks I will be getting brake shoes relined and the new king pin set installed. Feels good to start working on it again.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

weld, grind, repeat.

I know how dangerous split rims can be, so I have talked to at least a dozen people experienced with split rims. This is how I am fixing the little pin holes and low spots. The good thing is the rims are not as bad as I thought. The lock rings and the rim seats are in great condition the only thing rusted were the center flat on the rim. So I have been fill welding the low spots grinding them off smooth then finishing them with a flap disc. While I was welding them my little Lincoln 135 mig gave up. So it's time to shop for a New welder, time for a up grade.  Soon I will sand blast them again to prep for paint. I am getting closer to buying tires. Now if I can find time to get this done. My father had found a set of 1933 Missouri plates a while back so I started straitening them up. I had to use a dowel rod and make a couple tools. As soon as I can get a hold of a welder I will finish the plates welding up a couple nail holes.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

still moving along.

So what else better to do with my kids besides put them to work, and they fought who got to clean the wheel first. They did a good job. they had fun removing grease before sandblasting. I have been a bit busy so I took the rims and wheels to Owens sandblasting in Lebanon, Mo they did a great job on the frame, and they did the same for my rims. So now on to a little more clean up on the rims AKA welding up holes and thin spots. Then on to primer and filler, then more sanding.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

back to work.

I got back to work on the truck this week. I definitely have a renewed vigor. The ATHS show made me definitely want to bring it to Kentucky in June next year. I started buy putting the carrier bearing back together. Worked out a couple side plates I had bought some a while back they were good just not the quality I was going for. So with nothing left to loose I reworked the set off the Texas truck just for fun, they turned out so good I think I will use them. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

 I got to go to the ATHS truck show in Des Moines, Iowa and it was great. I only wish there were more older trucks. There were several rare trucks. I was in a hurry trying to get threw it all so I just snapped along the way, so I didn't get all the info on the trucks. I am mad at my self for not meeting up with some of the people that came to the show, especially the ones that traveled over seas. But that was my own fault.  So here is the verity that was at the show.

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I like the sign on the windshield.