Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I got the sand blaster out and blasted a lot of wheel and brake parts. I spent a hour or so cleaning and prepping to get the brake parts the rear third member and front wheels in epoxy primer. soon I will put a coat of feather fill on the rear end and get it slicked up a little then I will get color on them. I also changed the filters in my respirator goes to show you why you should wear one!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

 So I got the extra transmission apart and the gears look good. The top shift shafts were locked up but I have a spare top from the Texas truck. But that is not why I wanted this transmission the real reasons are it has the reverse lockout lever and rod I needed and a transmission brake. So first thing I cleaned up the transmission housing a bit, then I took it apart. It took me a while with a torch and a little elbow grease to get things apart. I got the the lever off and the rod and cleaned it up and installed it on the transmission I rebuilt. So now my next thing is to get to transmission brake off and rebuilt, then get it mounted on my transmission. So some times it is the little things that I get excited over. The Detroit transmission has a good grease hose for the throwout bearing!I got to watching ebay again I found and bought a spare water pump kit! so excited about that too!  I never thought I would see another.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Okay I have been taking a little bit of time off from the truck, just to relax. So now it is back to work. A couple weeks ago I was contacted by a guy that had a B4 International and he needed a cowl and some other parts to his truck. So I struck a deal with him for some parts I needed that he wasn't going to use. And so last week I decided to go to him with my cowl from my Texas truck and the tie rod. We did some trading and I got a good headlight ring and a reflector for the headlight that was shot out on my original truck. And I got a whole transmission with a transmission brake. So Matt thank you for all you contributed to my restoration and the great trip to Detroit! So I talked my brother in law in to going with me to Detroit and we had a awesome trip no problems. Got there in great time met with Matt swapped parts and stories. Then we took a side trip to The Ford Museum. So thanks again Matt I am sure we will deal again. The trip back was awesome too. We stopped in Indiana for the night and ate at a great steak house called The Library best steak I have had in years! I also talked to a body shop in Bolivar Mo. I am supposed to bring him my fenders to get a quote. Here shortly I will have to get the finders and radiator shell done. I need to start back to work my two year goal has come and gone. I got a little curious after this last trip, just how many miles have I gone for this truck. So I did a real quick total so the trip to New Mexico was around 1750 miles round trip, 900 for the Texas truck, 750 for two trips to Kansas, And 1500 for the trip to Detroit. That is almost 5000 miles. And 3200 of that is just for parts.