Saturday, February 27, 2016

Well the weather warmed up just enough to get some things done. First I used a soda blasting conversion kit on my sand blaster. It worked okay for a cheap kit. It used much less media than the sand blaster. I soda blasted the rear axle housing it turned out petty good. I had to use my wire wheel to clean a few spots. The blasting cabinet is great I have used it a lot. I started cleaning all of the brake parts and other small parts. I epoxied all of the u-bolts and pedals and parts I cleaned. I also got to put color on the frame! So now hopefully next week I can color sand the frame. I also took the third member out of the rear end and took it to a local shop to have them set the rear ring gear. I should have the rear end back together next week. Then I will start painting the rear end and small parts. My brother in-law came over and helped me a little last week. He helped me replace the input shaft housing on my transmission. The old housing was wore out it had grooves where it shouldn't and was sticking. He mostly helped me clean beer out of the fridge. But who am I to argue help is help.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sandblasting cabinet!

Well I started out building a sandblasting cabinet and this is what I came up with.
I gave up trying to build a cabinet. So I bought one. I needed to get things going. (aka I got impatient.) So now I am sorting out all of my small chassis parts for blasting. The light was a little weak in the cabinet so I took a LED shop light I had bought for my dads shop and placed it on top. I took my brake cables off and I am getting them ready to ship to a company to remake them. The old cables are worn out the wires are frayed and the casings are coming undone. I am still a bit nervous to send them across the country to the east coast. But it is the only place I have found that still will work with these old cables.