Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Moving along.

 Okay I sent my cables off a week and a half ago and last night the new cables were delivered. (happy dance!) So this is turning out to be a busy couple of weeks. I got my brake cables, took my bearings to the shop my differential is at, primed a few parts, found some matching hood latches on Ebay, And I started smoothing the parts I primed getting them ready to paint! The drive train shop I took the rear end to will have it done soon. So now I have four wheel bearings to get, they are on shelf   so no big deal. I will be a busy boy in the next few months. I have brake parts to sort. And  I really need to get moving on the wheels! I was really happy to find the hood latches they were so far the only hard to find part to the body that I needed. I only had one original to go off of for the hood latch so these are almost a exact match, they come off a WWII Willys jeep, works for me.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Getting closer!

Alright bearings in hand time to get some painting done. I taped and prepped the rear end housing and got it epoxied.  I had noticed the front springs had a couple broken springs so I traded them out for the ones on the Texas truck. I blasted and epoxied them too, and the drive shaft. Had a couple runs I need to fix.   well soon as they dry I will put a little Feather-Fill on the rear housing and smooth it up a little then for a coat of red, polish up a bit a put it back under the frame. I get to start putting it back together! I sent the brake cables To Gorge Martin in Lebanon PA to have them rebuilt. So far he is the only person in the United States that will still rebuild brake cables, he also had a NOS set of rear cables with brackets that were for my truck so instead of making new I will get NOS for the rear. So with all this coming together I need to get a move on and get the wheels done. I have till this summer ish  to hit my goal. The first year get motor done. (check) Second year chassis done (.....) Third year body? Well we will see. I have a lot of red to paint, and I am ready to get rolling.


 Okay I have been searching for bearings for at least six months or more and finally I am done! I can not take all of the credit. First Tom Underwood (Parts of The Past) is the best I can not say enough about him, he has provided me with more than I could ever Imagined. He had all front wheel bearings I don't know why I didn't try him first. We had hoped he still had a set of pinion bearings too but was all out. So my machine shop (Hoods machine in Bolivar  Mo) came up with a plan to find bearings that got us close to the same size then to ether shim or bore out to fit the bearings I was having trouble finding. Well I searched till I was calling bearing manufactures directly trying to find any thing. After a few calls I found my outer pinion bearing was still made by Temkin so one down one to go. Well the inner bearing was really hard the closest I could come was over a quarter inch less than the original. So I look up parts all day long at my job and one of the company's that I have run into a lot is http://www.locateballbearings.com/   Okay I thought couldn't hurt I will give them a try. It made me feel not so bad when it took them a week to hunt them down, but Eugene Carney took the time to look and he found them! I couldn't believe it we had a few conversations and shared some dimensions and a few ideas and boom three days later they are in my hand. So big thanks to Eugene Carney and to Tom Underwood I wouldn't be going any where with out them! So know I am off to have the pinion set.